Live from in Here

So much to do and so little time is only true if you believe it. You have the ability to bend time now, so it is far more powerful to know this and to begin to use its benefit. Learning to expand your consciousness in the now moment through intense immediate presence is vital, for it is the portal to many things. How else do you think Alice found Wonderland?! Keep pulling your vagrant thoughts back to now. Keep focussing with deep intensity on what you are doing now. Feel the fullness and the expansiveness of the moment. Control your mind at all times. Be constantly aware of where your thoughts are focused for that is creating your world, your immediate and future experience. Take dominion! 

A great plague of restlessness and scattered thoughts controls most others’ daily lives. The world has become fragmented by media and external stimulation addiction, everyone is pumped up on sugar and caffeine and medication and a fast pace that creates madness…the only remedy to this crazed mania is expansion of the moment and intense focus upon the peace in it. No matter how chaotic the whole might be, each aspect can be commanded in peace. Many atoms create a still sea and even within the calmness, there is great energy at play. Learn to command that world within you, for if you attach yourself to the whims of each stimulus, you will only go mad. Do whatever you can to contribute to the calm by taking charge of it in your own experience. Simplify. The more the external moves, remain calm inside. The louder it gets, command peace inside. 

From this place all is born. Therein all else that sustains you presides. You come to know yourself in ways you have not discovered before, you have a clarity you have always sought, you remember more than you forget, you receive the still small whispers of true guidance and inspiration that guide you through the external fervor. You have a presence that inspires and calms others. You have room to host the extraordinary energies of creation and the will to burn the passion required to bring them to life. Your immune system can rejuvenate itself as it is designed to do and the fountain of youth arises. You can sleep. You chose radiant nourishment. You are drawn and sustained by nature and are awed by its magnificent and minute miracles. You become the unconditional love that permeates all Divine creation and you are consciously aware of it always...Divinity is alive in you. You are it. It is you.

If you are overwhelmed at the thought of what you could possibly do to help fix the madness, you have found your answer right here. There is only one thing to do. Stop and sort the chaos in your own mind. Take charge of it like a lioness over her cub. No thing and no one has the ability to sink you, to poison you, to make you mad - unless you allow it. Fight like a warrior in your own regard, watch every thought, every intention, every muscle of effort can be gallantly directed towards peace. You must be the commander of your own peace and once secured, you do the most you could ever do for the world and all her inhabitants. Sort, purge and affirm. Sort, purge and affirm. Do not stop until you fall blissfully into the rabbit hole to discover which world is real. So just as you command time by being fully in the present, you will also begin to command space…you might just discover that you are finally falling UP to the real world. As the rabbit is symbolic of fear, we must overcome our fear of falling crazy (by our fears!) in order to graduate to the next level of reality, promised to be filled with the love and peace and grace and expansion so deeply yearned for.

So, you know what to do: Stop. Breathe. Calm. Expand inside. Acknowledge and dispel the useless thoughts. Affirm the ones that support the truth. Be. Allow. Listen. Affirm. Expand. Unify. Breathe again. Act from here. Live from here.

Through all of the external chaos, we align with and celebrate all that you are from here – within.

Your beloved and ever-present Council of Light 


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