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Rebecca Couch
2020 03, 19

What If?

Are you searching for a deeper meaning in what is happening right now? Do you feel like there is something bigger happening, but you just can’t conceive of what it is? 

Right now, you find yourself wading through the waves of fear, concern and sadness while just doing your best to ensure that your immediate needs are taken care of…is that enough? When the initial dust settles a bit (like the Venice canal waters) you will begin to witness the silver linings, and just how much your heart yearns to permanently live in a new way  69-*!

Isn’t it ironic that even though in isolation, we have more in common and are somehow more connected than ever? Even though fear is present, our hearts are open. Even though there appears turmoil and constant change, there is great peace. But all this silence…what does it really mean?

One thing is for certain: this is radical change. We just can’t imagine what will happen or what this profound reset will look like. But it is a tremendous opportunity for us to rebuild, to co-create a better world together. We are perfectly ready and poised to do this. Now is both the time for deep inner reflection and truth, and a time for strong conviction and action, so that we make the best of the situation – the world’s situation. What is taking place is both personal and planetary.

And so, with an open mind that is demanded when all of the puzzle pieces are thrown on the floor:  which ones will we pick up, and which ones do we no longer need?

In order to inspire a broader perspective inspired by greater possible sober truths, we might ask ourselves:

What if what is happening in the world – the while scary right now – is actually part of a bigger plan that is more profound and perfectly designed than we could even conceive?

What if there are far greater truths to discover, on both sides of the spectrum of good and evil?

What if since the world as we knew it was corrupt and out-of-control, this is a brilliant plan to reconstitute how it is actually supposed to be, with us as co-creators of a new world, destined to be as magnificent and free as we have dreamed?

What if we had the solutions all along (like Dorothy!) but they were repressed, and now they will be allowed to come to fruition?

What if the new generations are inspired with advanced solutions that are evolved way past ours and it is our job to clear the path, hold lanterns, encourage and support them to do their magnificent work and creations?

What if we already have the solutions for free universal energy, holistic farming that can feed the world, medical advancements available to all and can create financial systems that will provide universal abundance to everyone?

What if what we have done in disrespect to the planet can be reversed, reconciled and healed and we already have the technology and ability to clean it up?

What if we all expressed our true gifts and talents that were honoured and utilized in our immediate and extended communities?

What if our perceptions of this world were greatly expanded and we actually had the ability to commune with our loved ones on the other side like they were still with us?

What if we lived in harmony with Mother Nature and all sentient beings on the planet, including the ability to communicate with the animals?

What if we were far more powerful in a myriad of ways as individuals and a collective than we have ever been allowed to be?

What if our time in isolation has a profound, peaceful purpose in reconnecting us with what matters most, our inner connection to Self, our loved ones, our animals, our homes so that our relationships change forever with our extended relationships in the world?

What if this brings us the happiness and peace that we have all yearned for?

What if our lives and world could be one that we are happy to bequest to future generations?

What if we aren’t alone in the universe, and we have been loved and supported all along by benevolent universal beings that share in this victory and in the creation of a new, Heaven-on-Earth outcome?

What if in the long run, there is nothing to fear and all the desires of our hearts are met, as promised?

What if this is all true - and more?

One moment, one day, one co-creative action at a time: starting with open minds, open hearts, peace within and inspired action. 

We’ve got this. 


Rebecca Couch
Co-founder, HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart
For Spring Equinox, 19 March 2020

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  From: Mary Ann Tonn
  2022 05, 19
I very much enjoy the thought of each and every one of those precious What Ifs! They are mine as well! Keep on keeping on! Love m