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Dean Noblett
2015 08, 27

An awakened soul…

1. Looks at all setbacks as opportunities for growth and evolution

Setbacks in life are always a call to awakening from your soul. Growth is stimulated when the status quo of your reality is shaken at its foundation. Awakened souls know they have before them an opportunity to review and learn from a setback and use it to create a better reality moving forward.

2. Stays in their power no matter what the circumstances

When you are being challenged by someone or something you have two choices: you either go into victim or blame mode where you are at the mercy of your circumstances - or as awakened souls do, you can stay in your power where you remain grounded and centered where strength, courage and truth prevail. From there you are able to see the bigger picture and be open for guidance and direction.

3. Embraces change with enthusiasm                                                                                

Change is the only constant in the universe, so to resist change is futile. As creatures of habit, we like things to stay as they are, but all things are in the flux of change all the time. The awakened soul embraces all forms of change with optimism and enthusiasm knowing that everything always works for the better.

4. Accepts all things beyond their control

Things in life don’t always go to plan no matter how hard you may try. When things don’t turn out the way you think they should there usually is a reason that is not apparent at the time. The awakened one knows and accepts this truth and understands there is a higher power at work that may not make sense at first. Acceptance and going with the flow is always the best response!

5. Speaks their truth regardless of what others may think

An awakened soul always honors and represents their truth at all times. Their integrity is impeccable therefore they will always be truthful knowing that anything but the truth is not in alignment with who they are. The key is to always speak your truth from the gentle and compassionate place of the heart. The voice of the soul always speaks the truth without fear of what others may think.

6. Knows that success is achieved by moving into unchartered territory and beyond their comfort zone

Great success is achievable for each of us, however, playing safe is a limited approach which will only generate limited results. The most successful people on the planet stretch their capabilities and venture into unchartered territory knowing that’s where the greatest potential can be discovered. When you are in alignment with your soul, creativity and inspiration flow and can take you far beyond what you think is possible. Stepping out of your comfort zone leads to greater success.

7. Takes full responsibility for their lives and use past experiences as learning tools

An awakened soul is very aware that everything they experience in life is for a reason and for their highest good. Even when it is difficult to understand or explain why some things happen, they take full responsibility knowing they have the power to learn from life and make different choices to create new experiences from love and understanding. As tough as it can be at times, the awakened one will find the golden nugget that offers great opportunity in the quest for self love.

8. Encourages and celebrates other people’s success stories

When you genuinely feel excited for other people’s success stories, you are in alignment with success. If you want to have success for yourself, then help others create their success, as we are all one. The awakened one will always genuinely encourage and celebrate the success of others…they are of a win-win mind set!

9. Perseveres in the face of failure and adversity

Failure and adversity are a catalyst for personal growth. The soul always recognizes the opportunities in the face of these challenging times and will persevere where others may give up. When in alignment with the soul we are guided and directed as we navigate through the rough waters. This act of faith allows creativity, new ideas and inspiration to be downloaded into your consciousness that will ultimately steer your life in a new and exciting direction.

10. Takes time to be alone and connect with the Divine aspect of themselves

The soul has created a Divine blueprint for your life on this planet. Situations and circumstances have been set in motion in accordance with your mission and purpose. The awakened soul takes time to reflect and meditate to connect with the divine aspect of themselves. This helps to strengthen the relationship with their soul and open to the light of who they are. Contained within their light is the guidance and wisdom for their life journey which is revealed through heart based living. Taking time to quiet the mind and connect is essential for remembering who you are.

11. Focuses on service for the greater good and how they can make a difference in the lives of others and the world

Once awakened to the light of the soul within, you are naturally drawn to want to make a difference in the world. There is an awareness that emerges that is only interested in the “greater good of the collective” and with that comes the inner desire and motivation to serve in a way that contributes to making the world a better place. When you understand who you are at the deepest level, then you know all things are connected and what you do for another, you are also doing for yourself!

Above all, an awakened soul knows who they are and is in awe of the extraordinary journey of life.


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  From: Marilyn Harding
  2015 09, 03
Well you and Rebecca certainly walk this talk. A privilege to have studied with youmany years and to have done my Reiki Mastery and my most privileged re-attunement this summer after ten years. Deepest gratitude to you both. Sometimes we forget to remember what we have learned. Thank you for this concise reminder.
  From: Pamela Jane Rogers
  2015 09, 04
Excellent synopsis! Looking forward to getting your posts, and so glad we had the chance to meet on Poros while you were visiting Aegina. Yeia mas! (good health to all)