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Dean Noblett
2011 01, 16
Our human experience is one full of extraordinary opportunities, both on a personal and collective level. What lies before us in the unfolding of each present moment is the ultimate gift of understanding of who we are from the deepest recesses of our being and our purpose for being here at this time.

We all seem to have a common yearning to find meaning in what is happening to and around us in our world. And now a sense of urgency is rising up in the challenges we have created to help us remember where this journey is leading us. That may sound a little strange, but when we look at the nature of the human condition and what motivates us, it is always in the face of adversity and struggle where the greatest awakenings occur. Many have found a real sense of purpose to their lives out of some of the harshest experiences. We have been motivated into action to assist others who also have suffered from similar circumstances and find comfort and meaning through sharing our wisdom when most needed.

From the beginning times on our planet, humanity has witnessed and participated in the most extreme behaviors towards each other and our beloved Mother Earth. Birth and death in the physical world are continuous cycles with miraculous and wondrous events occurring simultaneously with the tragic and horrific. Seemingly, we have been caught on the karmic wheel of physical birth, death and re-birth, and with that, many unexplained circumstances and happenings that challenge the very nature of our existence. With such a large number of people perishing at the hands of others and so much pain and suffering, the question always is the same: why?

If we are to believe and trust that there is a higher purpose for everything and there is a Divine presence we are connected to that loves us beyond measure, then the message being conveyed to us from the great unknown is one of drastic measures. Are we going to continue with old fear-based patterns of behavior that are very destructive, or are we ready to embrace ourselves and each other in the light of all-inclusive unconditional love? It seems simple enough in theory, but our constant challenge is to remain neutral in regards to the unexplainable when we see those who are still lost and responsible for causing much of the pain and suffering. And yet, after all we have been through, we continue to get caught in the external hologram where the master of all illusions dominates our attention and continues to feed our ego. By now we understand that we are both the cause and the effect.

Fortunately, most reading this already understand that to change anything in the external reality we have to change from within first. Our immediate life experience and that which we give our attention to in the collective hologram are direct reflections of our state of consciousness. We know there is also the golden rule to do unto others as we would have them do to us the law of the circle. The acceptance of this universal principle has been gradually gaining momentum as we have bravely faced our own demons and taken responsibility for our reality. This is the key to setting ourselves free.

The realization that everything we believed about ourselves from what we were told, taught, shown and exposed to as innocent children was mostly delusional. The misinformation and mistreatment we all experienced wasn t a deliberate slur on our very being. It was mostly projected onto us from the hurt and pain the previous generation had suffered and misinterpreted as just how life is . Many did not have the awareness or knowledge of how to break the chains passed on from parent to child and acted out from their own pain. Being unconscious to their behaviour towards us did not mean they didn t love us. They were only limited in their expression of that love, and therefore disabled through their own personal experiences of pain and suffering. The love was and is always present, just most often concealed beneath the hurt.

Now, with the awareness and understanding we have evolved into through our tireless efforts of seeking answers, we now know with certainty that we are the ones to set ourselves, and those who came before us, free. There are no other saviors here to do it for us. In fact, we are the only ones who can open fully to the flow of love and heal all that has chained us to the illusion. The illusion is all that is not based in love itself. In other words, we love ourselves free by illuminating all past pain and suffering in the light of source energy of all that is what we already are. Through this highest act of self love, which is inclusive of all of humanity (since we are all one), in turn sets our ancestors free as well. What a concept!

All unresolved feelings of being unloved, unwanted, not being good enough, not feeling worthy and so on (we are all-too-familiar with these by now) are in need of our loving attention. We are our own source of unlimited, boundless love. As the old wounds present themselves - or are triggered - all we need do is to love that aspect that has been denied from the past, forgive all involved and set ourselves free. What this means is that our forgiveness unties our burdens and limitations caused by others in the past, which frees them because we are free. They were bound by our own judgement of them. This ultimate gift to ourselves then becomes the very same gift we give to those before us to dissolve all that is not founded in love. The important thing to remember here is to give ourselves the love and compassion we felt we didn t receive from our parents, guardians, teachers, spouses, friends, etc. which distorted the self image we inadvertently painted for ourselves. From here we are then setting all souls free from the bondage of miscreation and the fear that generated the illusion of that reality.

To take this a step further, as we fully awaken to the God/Goddess within each of us, we effortlessly and naturally become and express that Divine Intelligence, which is who we are. We become God-like through loving ourselves as God does, which then sets us free. Another way of looking at it is in order to be love we must live by the concept of giving and receiving the love that we are. This can only be done by opening to receive the Divine love of our Mother/Father God and giving it to ourselves. When we do this our love is automatically flowing through us as a vehicle of the Divine Source and then we allow it to be expanded throughout humanity, the planet and way beyond. We don t have to try to do or be anything but the fullest and purest expression of that Source energy. By loving anything and everything else about ourselves that has been denied this love through external means, we are liberated and set free.

Many of us have been working on this concept for what seems like an eternity, and now we are almost home. As the light/love frequency has been increasing on this planet the opportunity to move easily through any remnants of the past are now at hand. With the surfacing of any old unloving experiences it only takes the recognition of what has come up to be healed or loved in that moment, and to give that love to yourself from your God self just as you desired it from others (who were unable to give it to you because they themselves were chained to their own pain and suffering). Remember, Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they did!

2011 is going to be an extraordinary year as time collapses in upon itself. The fifth dimension experience is now becoming a reality. As we embrace every aspect of our human experience in the light of unconditional love (and when we think about it, how else can we learn or remember what that means?), we transcend into love itself where all things are possible. It's only when we think it can t get any better that new beginnings are found in the eternal now presenting new and exciting opportunities that are literally out of this world . The veils of separation are dissolving with every breath we take and are setting in place a reunion that has been planned for eons. It is unfolding right before us.

What a journey it has been!

See you there,


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  From: Sam
  2011 01, 31
Wow...makes a lot of sense but not that easy to do. Thanks for a different perspective and I will now be more aware of why I feel the way I do. Thank you!
  From: Linda Machine
  2011 08, 21
I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! :)