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Dean Noblett
2012 12, 06
Fine tuning our awareness is the key at this time of great awakening. The greater the awareness and understanding we gain about who we are and who we are not, the more we move into our authentic power. Our role in the unfolding Divine plan that we have all agreed to participate in, is that of fully embracing every aspect of who we are.

All the information we need to fulfill our mission and purpose for being here is already at our disposal. It has been right in front of us from the very beginning, hidden in plain view. So to make the shift to the next level of this exciting journey we must take absolute full responsibility for everything in our own personal reality.

As the energy continues to increase its vibration into higher frequencies of love, the quicker our thoughts and feelings are being manifested and reflected back to us. Remember, all circumstances, situations and people who are showing up in our matrix are there to show us where our level of awareness is at this time. There is nothing outside of us that is real, only the image and likeness of our consciousness being manifested for us to experience ourselves in this 3D reality.

To take the next step in our ascension process it is essential to recognize ourselves within the nuances of our outer reality. There is nothing that is not of our creation. With this understanding we have the perfect opportunity to look squarely into the hall of mirrors. It is all around us at all times where every aspect of our consciousness is being reflected straight back to us. Life is exact and where we are within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are showing up in our lives, wherever we go.

It is time to reconcile the old patterns of behavior and the pain we still harbor at a'subconscious level. Many of us are experiencing greater levels of love, peace and harmony in our lives and this is a testament to the inner work and healing that has been done. What is needed to continue to climb the ascension ladder is to fully embrace the challenges and people who are very much front and center of our matrix. With refined awareness we can interpret the messages that are being given to each of us within the hall of these mirrors. We just need to understand the language of life so we know what is being revealed to us in every moment.

To put this into perspective, this means that every time we find ourselves in any form of conflict or disharmony with another, we are being shown an aspect of ourselves that we are still in conflict with. It is never about the other person! Every time we are triggered by another's actions we are presented with the gift of healing and releasing that which we have been holding on to in relation to what we believe about ourselves. In that moment we can release the negative energies that have surfaced by firstly owning them and then setting them free. We must remember we are the source of our emotions. To clear what no longer serves us we often need that trigger to bring to our attention that which we are still holding. The hall of mirrors provides us with this opportunity.

There are neither enemy nor foes that actually are real in our outer experience. They are once again only mirrors of the resistance, conflict and struggle that keep us'separated from our own divine connection. And when we are in the flow of our true essence and have embraced any resistance within, the world becomes a more loving place.

We can no longer run from ourselves, for there is nowhere to run; it's actually impossible! The only way forward is through self-love which is how we'strengthen our connection to source energy. If source energy is that of unconditional love then any aspect of ourselves that we still do not love is limiting us from the full potential of that love. Therefore, it is our ability to love ourselves unconditionally that binds us all through our oneness with the same source energy that we already are.

So when we find ourselves confronted with our own self judgements, pain, anger, guilt, rejection and so on, then seek that which is in need of our embracing and healing that will set us free back into love. Let go of the self-imposed notions of not being worthy by first embracing all that we experience, warts and all. We have created it for the purpose of healing the misconceptions of who we think we are which then reveals the truth of who we really are.

It is also important to remember the physical body's role in all of this. All emotional imbalances and repressed negative feelings will generate dis-ease in the body. So rather than looking for a quick fix and drugs to give temporary relief, listen to what the body is communicating to us and seek to release the'suppressed emotions. Just like the toxins we ingest through the air we breathe,'some of the food we eat and non-purified water we drink, the negative emotions we hold on to are also very toxic to our body. So refining our awareness extends to our physical body as well as our consciousness and doing what is needed to clear that which no longer serves us is imperative at this time.

The hall of mirrors is our ally, not our enemy. As our awareness of self becomes sharpened and we align to the highest frequencies of love within us, the codes embedded in our DNA will activate but only when we are ready. When this occurs information will be released and become available to us that will guide us to the next phase of our journey. The light contains all the information of all time. In other words, all the information from the past, present and future already exists in the totality of the light! And when we are ready, what we need in the moment will be accessible for us to navigate through the ascension process.  

So take heart that all is in readiness; we only need to see what is in front of us and choose love in every instant. The question is always; what would love do in this situation? This in turn increases the light quotient we carry until we are ready for the activation of our DNA and all will be revealed. So onwards and upwards we go'stay the course as together we fulfill our destiny!

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  From: Strong Wings
  2012 12, 09
i can not thank enough...when i was saying that i just realized that i am still in the halls of mirror.. the wisdom speaker who i thank is another view of my self on the mirrors... all that is, is in the hall of mirror.. i thank addresslessly.... even the the 'thank word'' seemed meaningless now.. these words unlocked something in me.rnrn rnrnhappily existing
  From: Lindsay de Swart
  2012 12, 21
Dean, thank you for such a wonderful perspective! Wishing you a wonderful holiday and winter solstice.rnLindsay and Matt