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Dean Noblett
2012 05, 16

As we continue to awaken from our slumber and begin to realize there is so much more to who we are and why we are here, the one question that rises to the forefront of our minds is: what is my true purpose in this world? This is the big one for most seekers'searching for meaning to our existence and our role on this planet, often generating unrest, stress and anxiety in the process.

It's interesting that such a noble pursuit, when not fully understood, can result in 'separating us from the very truth we seek. As strange as that may seem, anytime we generate stress or anxiety, even with the intention to find the ever-elusive Holy Grail, those reactions drive a wedge between where we are and what we are actually trying to achieve. Any emotion that causes us inner turmoil will ultimately feed the outcome we do not want, which in turn keeps the prize further out of our grasp.

One of the biggest misconceptions that many fall into is confusing our mission here on earth, to that of our purpose. To really get a solid grasp on what we are here for, we must understand the difference between these two endeavors. This clarity will dissolve the destructive feelings of stress and anxiety so we can then move forward with a greater trust in the process, allowing our lives to unfold naturally and easily. So the next step is defining the difference between the two.

The word mission means a calling, or assigned task that we believe is our duty to carry out for the betterment of others. This is usually something that is meaningful and personal, which gives us great 'satisfaction and helps us to feel better about ourselves. So a mission is more in line with what we are doing with our lives. It's an activity that serves others in a way which is mutually beneficial to everyone. No doubt this is of great value to our lives and plays a huge role in our self-esteem. But is this the same as our purpose?

What is interesting in regard to finding our mission or calling in life is the fact that many people are inspired to help others after they have been through a personal crisis of their own. In other words, a cancer survivor will often be drawn to helping others who are currently undergoing cancer treatment. Parents who have lost a child can be drawn to setting up support groups to help others who are dealing with a similar loss. And look at the work many have done with people with special needs. So much in the way of foundations, and support through personal experience has become the mission of many to assist others who are going through similar challenges all very meaningful and very close to the hearts of those involved. But the question still beckons is this my purpose?

Many confuse the two terms and out of a sincere desire to feel they are contributing to 'society in a way that gives them a sense of purpose, it is actually not the definition of the word purpose.

The word purpose means an end to be obtained or a reason for existence! It's a very clear and powerful statement. That is why 'so many become attracted to defining this for their own lives. It can be seen as the Holy Grail and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow all in one the very reason for our being here and we too often have been looking in the wrong places.

The main difference between our mission and purpose is subtle in a sense, yet definitive enough to recognize that one is about doing something and the other is about being who we already are. Our mission is our calling and while we become inspired by wanting to make a difference in the world and helping others, these pursuits are action driven and can change direction at any time. The more important aspect of doing what we feel driven to do in our lives is how we are being while doing it!

In short, our collective purpose is to remember who we really are and allow the depth of our inner essence to flow naturally out into the world, so others may recognize the same love that is within them. So simple and yet so challenging for most of us. Our purpose is to simply tap in to the deep reservoir of unconditional love which is the core of who we are. To allow the emergence of the Divine Life Force that flows through us, to be more present and express that which we truly are. As we learn - or remember- how to do this, our calling in life then naturally flows from this as a result.

So from this perspective, our life purpose is all the same: to evolve into a greater expression of ourselves and our heart's desires. The key is to always choose to be more than what we are currently experiencing and to express more of the love that we already are!

How do we do this you may ask? There is only one answer and that is self-love. And self-love is not about judgement, it's about acceptance. So it is time to silence the inner critic and love ourselves unconditionally. We need to be at peace with who we are in every respect. Let's remember to treat ourselves as we would an innocent child who knows nothing else but love in its purest form. Spend more time in communion with our divine selves to develop an intimacy beyond that which we 'see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Self-love is our purpose and will transform humanity and our world.

We face many challenges on our respective journeys and they often will lead us in directions that we had not even considered. And it is through our challenges and some are heart-wrenching experiences beyond what we could imagine that often creates vulnerability and a sensitivity that softens our hearts. This then allows the true nature of unconditional love to seep through the cracks for us to open to that part of ourselves which has been hidden or denied. Our spiritual growth is about our personal experience of living from and through the heart, for this is our natural expression.

We tend to get lost in the drama of our lives and identify ourselves with what we do, or what we think and feel, and yet we are not any of these. Life on this planet is impermanent all things come and go, just as it does with our desires, our thoughts and our feelings. The only thing that is unchanging and unwavering is the eternal presence that resides within us and all living things. Our purpose is to firstly expand our awareness of this Source of All Life and then BE that in all that we do. To know love beyond the emotion we have erroneously labeled it as opens the natural flow of our essence, to which self-love is the key.

We must learn patience and take the time in our busy lives to detach from the noise that surrounds us. Make a decision to develop this relationship from a place of intention. Make room for inner reflection and ultimately through the stillness that awaits us, the continual unfolding of our daily living is revealed. It's hidden just beneath our thoughts and feelings in the wellspring of our heart. If you live from this place on an ongoing basis, then you will always be in your authentic power, doing what you are supposed to be doing.

The beautiful thing about this journey is that life is our teacher. Our life mirrors the level of awareness and understanding of self-love that we have about ourselves. When we are in a place of struggle, we are being shown that we are disconnected from who we are. Love does not struggle love flows. When life is flowing with ease, we are remembering our true essence and allowing all to unfold with ease. If we experience what can be termed as unloving behavior from others, we are 'simply being shown where we do not love ourselves.

The limitations we have created in our lives are but the reflection of the limiting beliefs we have bought into and hold at some level. These are fear based and keep us separated from our true nature. All that is not of love comes up to be healed, for love is all there is.

Our blueprint for this life is contained within the essence of this Source Energy and as we bring this Love more alive from within, all else unfolds from that place. All we are to do is become aware of this Life Force and love ourselves in every way. As soon as we begin to criticize, or blame, or judge ourselves or others, we have separated from self-love. When we regain our center and harmonize with the love within, all will reveal itself in the perfect way and in the perfect timing. In this way we awaken to our true nature that in turn blesses the world, to which there is no greater purpose.

It is not through the language of the mind that we will understand this this can only be done through the language of the heart. It is time to listen to this aspect of who we are and hear the inner wisdom which speaks only the truth.

Dean Noblett

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  From: Jerelyn
  2012 05, 31
This is excellent, Dean. EXCELLENT! And helpful. Thank you so much! X0++++++++ Jerelyn
  From: Cindy
  2012 06, 10
Dear Dean:rnTo quote: \"When the student is ready, the teacher appears\"rnThe opportunity to read your most recent article was presented to me yesterday. As I read the words my heart knew them as truth. I just wanted to send my heartfelt appreciation for who you are and all you do for I AM another YOU (((<3)))rnrnWarm Blessings of Light and Love