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Dean Noblett
2011 11, 11

There is no question we are now in unprecedented times! The changes and breaking down of the old structures in our lives that no longer serve us - both at a global and personal level - have escalated to intense proportions. Many are becoming battle weary as they try to hang on to what is thought to be their livelihood and protect all that they have worked for and built in their lives. And yet, no matter what is done to try and preserve the status quo, it's a battle that can t be won.

The Earth's ascension (and all that are here to assist in this historical event) is gaining momentum big time and our roles within this are shifting to another level. It is very difficult to make sense of what many are going through, and yet, if we are committed to our Divine Blueprint for this lifetime, we must give up the struggle and know with every cell of our being that all will unfold with perfection. Actually, if we look back in our lives and what we have already overcome , we can see that it always does.

For the new to be born, the old must first fall away without exception. It is no different to when we were born into this physical world and had to first leave the safety and security of our mother's womb in order to enter the next phase of our journey here on this planet. So there is naturally some pain and struggle associated with the birth of anything that is worthwhile. Our challenge is that we seem to be having difficulty in seeing what is coming and what is possible through the angst and stress of that which we are trying to preserve. It is like the unborn child trying to fight against the inevitable. It has no reference to what the new adventure it is entering and yet, it can t stay in the old any longer. It's just not possible!

So here we are once again, in that place of having to leave the safety and security of what we have come to know in this reality and venture head-on into the unknown. While many of us have an understanding of what is taking place, it is still challenging to watch and witness the old foundations of this reality crumble and the impact it has on us personally and many around us. It is even more painful when there is a lack of awareness of why it is happening and where we are going. Now that is scary to those who are locked into trying to control their lives and live from the place of attachment, resistance and judgement. But we now know it just does not serve anyone anymore and will only continue to create havoc in our lives.

There are many of us currently feeling out of control and struggling to come to terms with the breakdown of old relationships, jobs, our health and financial situations. So what are our options at this crucial time in our evolution? We must now relax into ourselves. Rest into love and enjoy the ride. The need of the hour is for us to detach from what we think we know, allow everything to unfold without resistance, and accept that the Divine Plan is in motion in the most perfect way. At this level it is out of our human hands, for our soul is in the driver's seat. In the quiet space of love we will be guided and nurtured through the birthing process.

This is not how we are used to living our lives, so it will take practice and perseverance. What is being asked of us is simply to remember the truth of who we are and know we cannot find the answers to our questions in the outer world. All that we seek to understand is found in our ability to relax into our very being, that place within where we are all connected to the ocean of the All That Is. In the nurturing comfort of our inner sanctuary we are able to transcend the troubles and limitations of the exterior reality, giving all who go there the ability to feel and know the truth of what is happening. Our God Selves know exactly what our needs are and what our true purpose is, so let's relax and allow all to unfold.

If we knew ahead of time with absolute certainty what was install for this planet and humanity in the coming years, then we might not hold on to what we already have so tightly. The notion that all is perfect in all ways can be a tough one to swallow when we see some of the things going on around us - yet it is so! Everything is serving a purpose, including the pain and suffering we are witnessing. In the Buddhist tradition, suffering is necessary to bring us closer to God, so on a collective level there are many who are still separated from their God Consciousness which in itself is where the pain and suffering emerges. Hence, we are still seeing this manifest on the world stage.

As light workers and way showers our purpose is very clear in that we must hold the space of love from within. We must also remain in a place of detached compassion and know all is unfolding perfectly for each and every soul and our beloved planet. We are to light the path for others to see what is possible - not with words, for all the words have been spoken - but with our heart and soul and the very essence of who we are. We have volunteered to enter the birth canal before the masses and lead by example. We are becoming as the Ascended Masters before us and recognizing ourselves in each other and rising above the material realm. We are coming to understand that no matter what is crumbling down in our personal lives and those around us, we can and must find solace by relaxing into ourselves and trust, trust, trust. From that sacred place we know without a doubt that all is perfect and will be revealed in the perfect timing.

Be still, relax into yourself and rest, for love will show the way.


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  From: Top Machine
  2011 11, 18
Great! thanks for the share!
  From: Julie
  2012 02, 06
Thanks Dean.rnrnSo true.rnrnRelax and trust.rnrnAnd all will unfold in divine timing.