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Dean Noblett
2010 03, 07
Freedom is what we all seek in our lives, no matter how we each define it. There is no question that it is a universal desire regardless of our culture, religion, beliefs, status, wealth, diversity and uniqueness. Everyone wants freedom and is either fighting for the freedom of others in some way, or yearning for the right to express themselves in a way that is uninhibited and free of judgement. Which ever way we look at it, we all want to experience the joy in the freedom of being (the same thing that unconditional love affords us), yet feel that our freedom is being compromised by a variety of external influences.

While many of us are still relying on the happenings in our outer circumstances to determine how we feel, we are now at a stage in our evolution to know better. Our journey together has reached a point where we are heading into unchartered waters where the level of freedom we experience in the future is determined by the present liberation we feel inside. Actually, we are still defining what freedom really means and we have become so attached to the dramas of life that complete freedom can be a scary proposition for many. Who am I without the addiction to my and everyone else's - dramas?

The truth on all levels is now being revealed to the masses as the dense energies of deceit and injustice are being exposed to clear the way for a new experience of being with each other. The darker side of humanity is showing us that we each need to look in the mirror of our own reality to determine what limitations and judgments we continue to chain ourselves to from the past that inhibit our sense of freedom. While we now have access to higher frequencies of energy that lead to a reality of total freedom, any fears we are still clinging to will present themselves to us for the opportunity to transcend them and experience the freedom we so desire.

Those of us who are awake to our true nature have been anticipating the arrival of this time on the planet for what seems like an eternity and now we must move from waiting to full participation. It is not our role to focus on who is still caught up in the old way, but instead to integrate all we have learned and know to be true so we can unite in the light of the new world. The prophecy of separating the wheat from the chaff is happening now. We must recognize the truth in every situation we are experiencing or witnessing and apply what we know so we are not pulled back into the trenches through the temptations of the old ways. The only domain we have control over in this universe is our own. Our purpose is not to interfere with the lessons others need to learn, but to learn what we need to from others by recognizing ourselves in the other. Therein lies the gift of self reflection.

The ever-present NOW is calling for us to be true to ourselves at all levels. We must embrace every opportunity that we are given to serve and hold the highest frequency of light that we are capable of holding without compromising our own well-being. We can no longer slow down our vibration to wait for others to catch up as that is the ego playing games and fighting to hang on to control. It is time to let go and trust that everyone is exactly where they need to be and choose to take the opportunity to jump into the higher dimensional experience once and for all.

The portal to the fifth dimension is inside of us and can only be accessed through becoming that which we already are. As we move through the portal of the heart - unconditional love - we discover the spiritual kingdom we so yearn for and can manifest the new world in whatever way we choose to experience. So go forth and create what it is you desire to experience and others of like mind will show up to support you!

Our external reality is a means to fine-tune our inner selves by owning our creations, releasing our judgments and allowing others the same courtesy without prejudice or a feeling of righteousness. That behavior is also the ever-masterful ego finding clever ways to distract us from the centre of our own Being in a desperate bid to cling onto its existence. Because of this we need to pay attention to our intentions, motives and agendas as it is here the ego lies lurking to catch us off guard when we innocently stray from our authenticity. The difference now is very subtle, so we must tune-in to remain centered and connected to our mission and purpose at all times.

On one hand, the initial journey home is a solitary one and yet we are ultimately joining together as the ascension wave gains momentum through sharing love and understanding like never before. It's becoming more obvious as we look around and see the many beautiful souls who are gathering and connecting from all over the planet to indicate that the new world is taking form. Those who choose to stay in the illusion of the old world are fading fast from our everyday lives as two distinct worlds are now in place. The thing is, we can t control who partakes in which reality, for in truth, only one reality exists: our own.

When we find ourselves confronted with a person or situation that challenges us or pushes our buttons, we can celebrate in the opportunity it presents for us to heal, evolve and anchor the highest frequencies of light possible. For it is in our external experiences that the truth of our inner state of being is revealed.

Our ticket to paradise comes at a price: it will cost us everything we thought we knew and our attachments to things and life as we know it. The pay-off is that the unknown, which is ever-present, will become our ally where we have the freedom to be and create in ways that we can not yet comprehend. Creation will be spontaneous when born from love and the expression of that love is a gift that all of creation will celebrate and cherish.

We have such incredible support from the higher realms in ways we still cannot see. Now that the veils between the worlds have been dissolved, the real truth is revealed for all to see who are ready. Life will take on a form which is so out of this world , we will rejoice together in having played our role in the overall unfolding of the Divine Plan.

It is a new beginning and quite literally, only the sky is the limit!

Dean Noblett

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