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Dean Noblett
2009 06, 09
The transition from fear-based living into being the authentic expression of the Divine that is within us continues to be a test to our resolve and ability to recognize ourselves in everything around us. The willingness to accept full responsibility for every aspect of our lives and seek the greater wisdom in what we are experiencing is now essential for the next phase of our transition.

Many of us are diligent in our spiritual practices and becoming more empowered every day as we now know that we are writing the script of our lives as we go. When we take ownership of our reality by seeing our own belief systems and perceptions reflected back to us in our relationships and daily life, the opportunities to break through the veils of illusion are constantly before us. Presently, there still seems to be an inclination to look for answers and guidance from exterior sources. While Spirit speaks to us in an infinite of ways, the choices and decisions we make and the actions we take can only come from the nature of our own being. This is the definition of self empowerment. Through this awareness we get better at identifying which part of us is making the decisions for our lives.  We learn to recognize when our small self is desperately and masterfully keeping us separated from the infinite and boundless light of our Higher Self.

As a collective we have been reacting out of fear for so long now, that we don t even know when we are doing it, and there lies the challenge. It's not that we don t want to change and live in a state of complete trust, abundance, peace and freedom's just that fear and limitation have had their way with us for so long now that breaking the shackles takes courage and conviction. When we seek clarification and want to know how we are doing within ourselves, we only need to adjust our perception to interpret what is hidden in plain view. In other words, everywhere we go there we are!  Our experience of reality is like a hall of mirrors where we have the opportunity to look deep within and change what we don t like.

Right now the high frequencies of light, energy and support for the planet and humanity are at an optimum and will only continue to increase as we climb the ascension ladder. The journey of ascension can be likened to rising from the depths of the ocean after a deep dive.  It is a gradual process that takes time to adjust to the different depths and pressure so the body can acclimate back to its original state of being before it descended into the darkness. If we continue to ascend without transmuting the old fears and limitations as we go, it will have adverse affects causing pain and discomfort beyond our threshold of tolerance. To avoid this as much as possible we must continue to purge and illuminate the shadow aspect of ourselves. This is essential for integrating and ascending into the higher dimensions of consciousness and that of a new reality.  

Those of you reading this article and tuned into the vast amounts of information now available through books, videos, the internet and the many gatherings occurring frequently around the world, are in a position to become conscious leaders and inspire others on their path. There is no greater way than to lead through example and become that which we desire for the world. Our path is unique and constantly unfolding so it is important to realize that our small self or negative ego is in the process of dying as we give birth into the fullest expression of who we are. This is happening throughout the collective and for those who are not aware of this transition and still caught up in the old way of being will find this process very difficult and in some cases terrifying.  Fear is fighting for its own survival right now and doing what it can to keep us small. The wonderful thing however, is that deep down we know from our heart of hearts that love is the answer and the true essence of unconditional love can only flow by living each moment through our Higher Selves.

As we open our eyes and awaken from the slumber of separation we realize how unique and incredibly valuable our life experiences have been up to this point. The journey becomes clearer and our struggles responsible for the wisdom we have gratefully gained from the trials and tribulations of life are respected and appreciated. Although it is difficult at times we are also learning that we cannot save or rescue others from going through what they need to in order for them to also awaken to who they are. It's not our role to deprive anyone from the gift of experiencing the journey of coming into their authentic selves. Just like the caterpillar which morphs into its cocoon and has to endure the struggle to set itself free to become the butterfly, we too find strength and wisdom through the experience of our struggles. You may also be familiar with the story of the man who came across a cocoon where the still developing butterfly was struggling to set itself free.  As the man watched for a while he decided through pity and ignorance to save the fledging butterfly by cutting open the protective skin of the cocoon to set it free. Although his intentions were good he could not understand why the butterfly's wings were withered, had no strength and therefore could not fly. As it is with us, the butterfly needed the enduring struggle while freeing itself from the confinements of its cocoon in order to strengthen and develop its wings for flight!

Many of us are now developing our own wings so we can soar to heights that are still incomprehensible to our limited perspective. The adventure of creating a new world together is what drives us to detach from the old way of being to allow the new to become our reality. The journey can sometimes appear arduous and lonely, just as the caterpillar in its cocoon. However, while we are here to support those around us who seek our assistance, our focus must never waiver from the journey of our own soul. To be free as the butterfly and experience reality from a whole new perspective from that of the caterpillar, we must leave the security of what we know and adventure into the unknown.

The energetic structures founded from a fear-based limited consciousness of the past are fast deteriorating. It is the time of sorting the wheat from the chaff which is paving the way for us to come together and unify to restructure our lives anchored in trust, integrity, creativity and truth within an abundant universe. As we come into the true nature of our being and surrender to our Higher Selves we find that we are lovingly and perfectly taken care of in all ways. We are not used to this way of being in this world and yet it is only through our endurance and willingness to let go of the struggle that we can really understand how amazing life can be. All that said, the resilience of our small selves are hanging on for dear life right now and in doing so can make life more difficult than it needs to be.

Life is about the journey in which there is no destination. For on reaching a perceived destination or achieving a life goal we seem to have this insatiable drive to continue to want to achieve more or have more to satisfy our endless needs and wants. While there is nothing wrong with this behavior, it does create the barrier and separation from who we really are right now which can only be found in the void of not needing or wanting anything. The challenge lies in finding the delicate balance of living through our Higher Self where everything is readily provided for and the joyful experience of creating our reality is all that beckons. To help us stay connected to the eternal, unlimited potential within us and overcome the determination of our insecure self, there are three skills we need to develop to keep us on track. When we remember them, they will always put us in a place of surrender and communication with the greater aspect of our being.

To be good at anything in life it usually takes hours of practice, persistence and a strong desire to succeed, so it makes sense that to be good at life itself takes the same commitment and discipline. If we have the appropriate tools to work with then we can practice our skills to become the best we can be. So, what are the three skills we need to practice at all times? Through remembering to practice non-judgement, non-attachment and non-resistance we keep ourselves aligned and connected to our Higher Self at all times. In other words, as soon as we go into judging ourselves or another, we are disconnected from the very source of our being. When we recognize our attachment to things and outcomes , in that moment we are disconnected. When we are resisting what already is in our lives and push against it, then we are also disconnected from the core essence of our being. Sounds simple enough, right?  And yet our ability to maintain this level of evolved consciousness seems to elude us all too easily.

In this day and age it's obvious that many of us are suffering at many different levels from 'small self syndrome. The symptoms are far and wide ranging from stress, anxiety, addictions, depression, confusion, physical disease, poverty and so on, and the tendency is to still blame outer circumstances for what is happening to us. Another name for this which is often misunderstood is hell and those of us who have managed to transcend these life suffocating experiences now know how liberating it feels to be reborn into a higher way of being.

As mentioned earlier, it takes practice and persistence combined with a determined focus to succeed in life. When we have made our intentions clear there will be many opportunities that present themselves in order to practice and develop these skills. If at any time we are not sure whether we are coming from our small self ego or our Higher Self divinity, we only need check in with our body, for the body never lies. For instance, if we are tense, feeling uptight, or breathing erratically that's a clear sign we are coming from limitation and fear. If we are not feeling good about something then we are in that moment disconnected from source energy and once again feeling separation. Our ability to recognize this in the moment is when our awareness is present enough to bring it to our consciousness so we can take a minute to breathe, relax our body and go into the silence of our Inner Divinity. Once we are there all restrictions, limitations and fear subside as we rest into the arms of the love that is within us. As we feel that sensation in the body we know we have returned to the safety of our God consciousness.

There is no doubt this journey we are on is an inner journey and the physical reality we see the playground in which we can experience ourselves as ourselves. What an incredible concept and what better way to re discover who we are! Life will show up in order to present to us and help us see where we are within ourselves and to recognize the aspects of ourselves we do not love. We are co-creating our reality in every moment. The gift of who we are is always present if we pay attention. Judgment is toxic and restricting to the Soul, where acceptance is honoring and freeing. Attachment is controlling and limited thinking, detachment is letting go and being open to all possibilities. Resistance is about struggle and fighting against the universe, while going with the flow of life is recognizing the perfection in every moment and in every situation.

Living through our Higher Self is our gift to each other and ultimately the gift of love to our selves. These are incredibly exciting times with boundless opportunities to be in our truth and full expression of our God Selves to create Paradise here on Earth. Just remember to practice acceptance, detachment and surrender to allow the unknown to be aligned to God's will and the ride will be truly magical.

From my Higher Self to yours many blessings,


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