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Dean Noblett
2009 02, 06

Living in a world of duality has made it challenging and difficult to understand why we have experienced and witnessed such an array of human behavior throughout our history. With constant introspection and the continued judgements of right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust it has been a constant challenge to find a balanced viewpoint and to truly understand the gift that duality actually presents to us. This subject is super sensitive, yet if we are to continue on our path of ascension it is a crucial concept in need of our assimilation.

Let us use an example of duality that represents many definitions, including the very nature of our own composite structure, not to mention the entire universe. Symbolically, the notion of the light and dark conveniently expresses the broad spectrum of contrasts we all inevitably have to deal with in every aspect of life. Under the guise of the light resides all the so-called higher attributes of peace, love and hope, to kindness, joy and integrity. Every human being possesses the ability to express any or all of these qualities whenever we choose.

Obviously, in contrast to the light is the dark side representing conflict, fear, despair, judgment, anger and deceit, etc. This is where the ugly side of our reality is founded. And just as we possess the ability to express the light, the dark side is constantly lurking in the background ready to pounce when we least expect it. The source of the pain of our dark side is usually buried deep within our unconscious mind. As it quietly and patiently waits for an opportunity to make itself known, life will always find a way to give it a voice, often in very subtle ways, but in many instances in the most blatant and painful ways imaginable.

The dilemma we are faced with is this: how do we reconcile the duality of the light and dark that is at the core of this reality so we can actually transcend our consciousness beyond the limitations that confront us daily through these two contrasts? A big question for sure, but one to which an answer is essential for us to be able to fully bring in the new world.
Each of us is confronted with our own fears amidst our efforts to live our best possible life. A best life scenario could be one of fulfillment, sense of purpose, excitement, joy, abundance and well being, peace and of course - love. We are all aching to fully experience ourselves in this light and while we are moving towards this reality, the dark side of our nature continues to question our worthiness and does what it can to convince us otherwise. Our fear-based human egos have had its way with us for so long now, the very notion of it losing control goes against what the ego represents and it refuses to lie down and die without a fight.

Just using the word fight conjures up a feeling that appears to question the nature and value of why we choose to oppose any given situation. To be in conflict with another immediately indicates that we are in judgement of them and have the need to somehow convince them that they are wrong. In that moment our ego has us just where it wants us. This all too familiar example of fear and conflict that subtly rises from the depths stems from the need to be in control.

The question arising from this is how can we best serve the collective consciousness so we can overcome the struggle of duality and transcend into a new world of total unity and peace?  As mentioned earlier this is a sensitive subject and one that does not encompass a winner or loser, a victim or perpetrator, but rather embracing the ideal that there is no right or wrong, good and bad or even any victims. To transcend duality we need to know that everything just and every human being is where they need to be and is experiencing what is necessary for their highest good. Our job is to find the lesson within the experience which then becomes a gift to ourselves.

While the highest good for all concerned is a mantra many of us use in our prayers and meditations, that does not mean what we see and experience is always pretty. In fact the purpose of duality is for us to experience both the light and the dark and then to emerge from the illusion knowing everything is as it should be and always for our highest good. For those still caught in the illusion, this concept is usually not received well, but until we choose to expand our awareness and truly embrace the journey completely, we remain trapped in judgment and blame.

There is nothing in the universe that is separate from the creator. In other words, even the dark side is not separate from the light, for it is only a perception and only has power when we give it sustenance to make it real. As soon as we bring light to any darkness it dissolves like a lantern in a cave. The darkness is still there, it hasn t gone anywhere, for as soon as the lantern is extinguished it appears just as easily as it dissolved. If one happened to be lost in a cave, the situation does not change by lighting the lantern, however, it allows one to see the situation with a clearer vision to find the way out. In this scenario we are neither the light nor the dark, but the observer who has transcended the duality of the experience.

The intricacies of our experience of this third dimension reality are far too complex to comprehend why it is that some people find themselves in dire and tragic situations. If we take into account soul agreements, soul contracts, balancing karma and our desire to find love, happiness and freedom, then we know there is something unfolding beyond our reach of understanding at this level of the evolutionary ladder.

God does not judge anything, as the Creator allows the gift of free will for humanity to wake up to who we really are through the experience of duality. When we as a collective can also live from this place and look down on the duality in our own lives and shine our light on the dark side, it is in that moment we have transcended into a higher level of consciousness. This act of unconditional love ultimately frees the world from this perceived illusion, but it has to start with our own lives. It is the love of self which is the love of your life. Our ability to ignite the lantern to disperse the darkness with the knowledge that everything is in order no matter where we find ourselves is the path to freedom. It s up to us to find our way.

Collective consciousness is the greatest power we have as human beings. Each is connected to the other, making up the ocean of humanity. As the waves rise and return to the ocean, we  realize that we have never been separate from each other. Rather, the duality of the land and the sea, the expanse of the sky and depths of the ocean are but a different experience of the one creation. When we see through the eyes of the creator a knowing arises that nothing is neither good nor bad, but just is.

If we do our best to rise above duality and lovingly embrace the darkness it will lose its stronghold us. Ultimately, we have the power through cause and effect in the light of the collective consciousness to strengthen the foundation of the new world now being created in the minds of humanity.

The exciting thing is we are well and truly on our way!


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