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Dean Noblett
2008 11, 26
What a month November has been! History unfolding before our very eyes as we come to terms with the incredible shift of energy that is happening in the consciousness of humanity. We are now at the turning point that will lead us home, where every person on this planet desires to go at a soul level. We just need to decide what our home looks like!

It is obvious that the turmoil of the world economies is creating much concern and a lot of confusion within many people. Through our own limited perceptions we continue to get sucked into the downward spiral of the belief systems that are based on a misunderstanding of our inherent co-creative ability. Money, wealth, material possessions and having power over another have been the false God many have been idolizing for so long and yet these things have left us confused, empty and in despair.

As a collective, we are at a threshold of time that offers an opportunity to leap to a higher level of understanding, no matter where we are on the evolutionary scale, and expand our perception of why we are here. Our purpose is at hand in seeking the higher meaning that transcends the impermanence of the false sense of security that was sought in the material world. Our essential values and attitudes relating to our individual existence and towards each other are being challenged to the very core as we begin to redefine the real meaning of unity, one people and one race the human race, and the burning question of why we are here.

The call for a new world by the people and for the people on this planet has been answered through the spark of light that President Elect, Barack Obama represents. The emotion and excitement that was generated through his election reverberated throughout the entire world and the qualities that Obama and his family stand for have been recognized by the people and so, with his presidency, begins the journey home.

Obama himself stated numerous times that he cannot create the change required on his own. While he and his team will have the power to implement a new direction on behalf of the people, he is astute enough to know that the change that so many of us are yearning for must come from the people. This is crucial for the future and is the only way that we can truly find our way home.

The quote from an iconic movie, there's no place like home is a wonderful realization that no matter where we are, home is where the heart is. This one line from a little girl who confronted all her doubts and fears on her journey of the yellow brick road, represents the return of our purity and innocence - the turning point we all need to embrace in our own lives. It's now a matter of the heart! The heart will lead us home and there is now a US president who encompasses the heart energy with the ability to deliver us from the confines of separation, but only through our participation. The wonderful opportunity that belies us now is to not fall back into the old ways of giving our power to anyone else to 'save us , including the president of the United States.

We have the power to create the change in our own lives that we desire. We also have the power to choose to live from a higher dimension of love and acceptance for each other. Focusing on the fun and joy of what we want for ourselves and others is the yellow brick road leading to the heart. This is the ingredient that will inherently be the heart energy that will continue to inspire Barack Obama to represent the people from this sacred place.

He can be our conduit for change, but this will only happen to the level of genuine love and caring we achieve for ourselves first. Creating a solid foundation for Obama to bring about the change on the world stage through the heart connection is up to us and what we project into the world. It is our purpose to be more of the love that we already are and continue to see through the illusion of fear. To do this we need look no further than our own backyard.

Many of us already understand the principle that our external life experience is but a playground where the totality of our consciousness becomes manifest. We then interact within our own creation in our own unique world. In our playground nothing is by chance, there are no mistakes or coincidences and everything happens for a reason. Therefore, we find that we are confronted with the most intimate relationship we have, which is with ourselves in all its glory. We can t run, we can t hide and we can no longer keep projecting our fear and pain onto others.

Remember Obama's words's time for change and yes we can . This transition includes every one of us and is not something we wait for others to do, especially the governing bodies of this world. The governments we elect are also reflecting where the collective consciousness is resonating in relation to the lower density of fear or the higher frequency of love and anything in between. That is why there is so much buzz and excitement as we have actually moved into a higher state of love reflected in Obama and his family, and this is the way home. The answer has always been and always will be that of love.

If the answer we have been seeking all this time can be found in the true meaning of the most simple, yet all powerful word love, then it makes sense that we need to focus our attention on heart-centered living. The relationship we have with ourselves at the deepest level must be understood completely and it is then that our relationships with each other, all that is and God will be truly understood and a real sense of peace can be found. Yet, this has always been the message through various scriptures and demonstrated through the teachings of the many before us who have shown us the way.

What is referred to as the second coming of Christ, the return of the Buddha, or other prophecies of this time of transition, is upon us now as we see the emergence of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness and a real thirst for peace in the collective consciousness. This event was not going to show itself through one individual it has been done before. Many of us now are stepping into our true power as we recognize the light of God in every person, which is the resurrection of the Christ consciousness in the critical mass.  

For reasons that may not be clear to everyone at this stage, we can finally begin to see the perfection in all things and the roles previous people and leaders have played in our lives to bring us to this cross roads in time where the light at the end of the tunnel is clearly in view. We have seen and experienced the contrast of the dark and the light in this world which has served us a great purpose. We now know and feel what is best for ourselves and others through experiencing the difference and we are finally taking a stand for the greater good of all.

As always we need to play our part in the story and what a privilege it is to be here on this planet at this time of incredible change. Whether you believe it or not, we chose to be here at this time to participate in this transition and very much wanted to serve the light in this way. Yes, we still are aware of some of the ugliness that fear has manifested, but we must be diligent and lead by example. Our focus and intent must be on the new world and the emergence of heaven on earth. It's only a thought away!

Where love is absent in our own life, we must love that part of our self we have not yet forgiven. Where we are being judged by others, we must release the judgment we have of ourselves. When we experience lack in our lives, we must remember we are a child of God and are worthy of all things. When we see sadness and despair in our lives, we must let go of our own pain and suffering from the past and find that joyful place within where our soul dances with the stars.

Yes, we are truly on our way home and we honor the sacred journey of all the people on this wondrous planet and the roles we have played for each other, for it is truly miraculous!

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