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Dean Noblett
2008 09, 21
As we witness the changing of the guard, the transition from the old into the new, we need to be very mindful of where we are focusing our attention. What we are seeing in the global economy and the financial institutions is very disturbing to many people and that is why, now more than ever before, we need to be aware and conscious of what is taking place, hold our centre and remain calm, and be in the power of our authentic selves.

This time of the crumbling of the old fear-based structures of the misuse of power, control and greed has been foreseen for some time and is necessary for a higher way of integral and ethical living to transpire. As we each make a stand for this way of being in the new world, we create the very foundation for co-existing in a place of peace and abundance for all people. In other words, what is not in alignment with the energies of a fifth dimensional reality will not be able to sustain itself within that frequency of light.

Over the last few years we have seen many instances on a smaller scale of the truth about corporations and some high profile individuals coming to the surface where they have not acted in the best interest of others, but rather in a way that has betrayed their trust and good faith. Now, as more people embrace the higher qualities of ethics, integrity, and acceptance, and take a united stand that expresses a deep desire for an outcome that benefits all concerned, then even more of the truth that has been hidden will continue to be exposed.

Everything that has been founded on intentions that have not been integral or ethical is now coming to the surface and will dissolve in the wake of a new consciousness that does not tolerate it any longer. This is a natural progression of the evolution of human consciousness and is to be accepted without judgment as we hold a vision of a new reality. Our collective purpose is to hold our centre no matter what we see in the outer world, be in our power as co creators and focus on a world abundant and free, and know in the truth of our hearts that a miraculous transformation is taking place.

Many people's belief systems are being challenged right now and what they thought to be true is now on shaky ground in the light of the transition taking place. What they thought was a sense of security is being stripped away and what they thought was a way of life is being re-orchestrated, creating an opportunity for everyone to align to a grander vision. What works stays and what doesn t must fall away. The key now is what are we each choosing in every now moment?

At this time, it maybe wise to reevaluate how we see the world and let go of our beliefs as all we believe has been chosen from the past, which represents the old way. This will then free us to be open to a realm of new and infinite possibilities that are currently beyond our comprehension. As we practice discernment and the art of detaching from the old way it creates a space within us to then hold a vision of the new without being tainted by the old.

During these challenging times we are given the opportunity to recognize and release much of our old programming which was born from fear. It is important for us to be open to this and embrace the gift within each challenge as it comes up. If it does not fit with where we want to go we need only to let it go so we no longer manifest lack or limitation in our lives. This is why all that we are witnessing right now around the world is encouraging us to make new choices in our own lives.

We know that each of us is a unique being as there are no two beings that have the same experience in the entire universe. We each have our own experience reflected back to us from our state of consciousness. Now, imagine that we are a vessel for Source energy to express and experience through us using the gift of free will. This unlimited and infinite resource of unconditional love, which is neutral in its pure state, flows through us and is expressed from that spark that is also within us. As this universal life force energy flows through us it is programmed by the totality of our unique consciousness and responds exactly to what we feed it and then plays itself out on the screen of our lives.

Source energy does not judge, question or interfere with our free will and from that place of neutrality, lovingly co creates with us what we choose in every moment. When we really get this we are in the powerful position to see with our own eyes what we are in fact creating for ourselves, recognize what we don t want any longer, make new choices and the screen of life will change the picture in response to the changes we make.

What we are seeing in the newspapers and on our televisions is the manifestation of the collective consciousness and the bubbling to the surface of the choices we have made that were not for the highest good of all which is being exposed for each of us to recognize in our own lives. We already know where we have not behaved in the best interest of others and have acted out of fear. We have witnessed the impact it has had on others lives. Now through letting go of judgment and practicing the act of forgiveness of ourselves and all others on this planet, the collective consciousness will align to a more loving vibration which will usher in the new world. If we make peace with the past in all areas of our own lives then we resonate to a peaceful existence and this will be the reality we begin to experience.

The path of the master is to be able to remain in their centre and see the perfection in all things, even when there can be chaos all around. The awakened one knows that what already exists is a manifestation from the past, and the future will be manifested from the now. There lies the challenge and the gift of each present moment.

May you make each one more beautiful than the next!

Dean Noblett

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