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Dean Noblett
2008 04, 04

We have heard many times the expression that we are all one and that the essence of who we are is that of love. While we might understand these concepts mentally, what do they really mean?

The concept that we are all one is used widely throughout New Age teachings and indeed traditional religions, but this is a challenge to comprehend when what we see is that we are separate beings - you are you and I am me! With this conflicting observation, how can we really understand and fully embrace the concept of oneness?

From our personality or ego point-of-view, we observe our life experience and other people - and the planet for that matter - as being separate from and outside of who we are. This limited perception makes us open to judgment and blame as we seek to determine what is right or wrong and good or bad in order to validate who we are in order to gain the upper hand, or feel good about ourselves. Of course, in oneness, there is no upper hand, but rather a knowing of equality!

If we look at ourselves from a spiritual perspective, where at our core essence we are all from the same source of love - then it opens up a whole new way of seeing ourselves and all that we are experiencing.

The life force energy that we all are connected to, no matter what colour, culture or religious background, is of the same origin, and, like waves

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  From: Jessica
  2008 04, 25
I am fascinated by the concept that our inner world is reflected in our outer does that mean that every thought we think creates what happens to us? Tell me more!
  From: Dean
  2008 05, 06
We create our reality from the totality of our thoughts, feelings, what we believe, how we perceive things and our attitudes. If we have a negative state of mind and focus on the things we don't want to happen in our lives then we draw those things to us. If we are positive and really embrace life then we will attract more harmonious situations in our experience. Of course there will always be challenges in life which arise to expand our awareness and actually serve for our greater good, so how we deal with these challenges is the key.