These are troubled times. It is the boiling up of the broth that emits the steam, but also purifies it in the process. What is no longer required is alchemized into the ethers. Do what you can to stay grounded and centered in these times, however that works for you. The trees and natural elements are masterful at helping with this. Stay in your visceral senses that keep you in your body. Stay hydrated and rested. Be vigilant over your mind that it does not carry you away into lower frequency places. Do not entertain fear in any regard. Remember the pure innocence of the child that plays without outer attention at all? This is a good place to start. Remember those boundaryless, carefree summer days? Find that place of innocent perception within and then overlay your keen sense of intuition and instinct over top of it. Trust that you will be given alarms and guidance as necessary and determine that you will follow those promptings without hesitation now. Keep things simple. Make sure all of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are met. This is critical at this time, for it sustains you when the rains come and the winds blow. Do not falter in this devotion and then you will have your sense about you and also be there to assist others as required. Your own cup remains full at all times and then you have plenty in the saucer to share with others. No drama. No fear. No sensationalizing. No superfluous energy right now…save it all for what is most important, and that is to maintain balance. This is the way of the master. Self containment and discipline will forge a clear path for you. Now is not the time for meanderings!

What is taking place in the outer world is the result of the clash of opposite ideals. You need not really know the details, unless you are driven to seek them. You need only know which side you are on – the side that seeks the greater good for all or the side that seeks to divide and conquer for the purposes of power and control? Do you choose love or fear? Do you believe that we are all one or are there a thousand seas that divide us? Make your choice and stick to it. If you are on the side of oneness and love, do not waiver from that team, for it is the high frequency source of that stream that will conquer all. Both sides will get more of what they seek. Pray for all those who do not even know they have a choice to make. Pray for all those who have lost their way. Pray for the darkness to find the light. Accept that all have the great honour of choice and that for them, their choice is right. Not choosing is even a free will choice. Allow this great sorting to take place and witness the miracle of goodness to arise. This is the time of the great sorting and you will rejoice in the outcome. Remain strong in the storm and know that all is well. All is always well. Even when, on the outside, it appears otherwise.

Stay strong and clear in your intent. Do not waiver warriors of the light. You’ve got this.

We are always with you and remain stedfast throughout.

The Council of Light Within


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